Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Sunny Saturday OOTD

It might be a bit late to post my last weekend, oh well... 
It was super sunny last Saturday. The weather was so great, and I had no plan whatsoever! It was my first weekend after about a month or so. I had been out of town every single weekend. It's kinda nice to be home again. 

Closer look on my OOTD. I paired this crop tee with a flowy skirt with waist-band so it is very comfortable. Perfect for the summer! I'm liking this transitioning weather, and I'm not looking forward to the Californian summer. Apart from the sunny days, it can get pretty nasty with the dryness and hotness. 

tee - Forever 21
skirt - old
sandals - Fit Flop
hat - Target
Bag - Coach

Can you tell my dream vacation destination? I've literally been having dreams about London lately, and I can't wait to visit the beautiful city someday. Maybe next year!

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