Monday, July 07, 2014

Saturday in the City | Pilpres, Korean Mexican, and Chinese Italian Food

This Saturday, we drove to Indonesian Embassy at San Francisco for our presidential election, or what we call "PilPres" which is short for "Pemilihan Presiden". I've registered online to vote by mail, but I didn't receive it until today. I went there this morning I could vote in person without worrying whether the ballot would ever come in the mail. Attempt failed. They told me to wait patiently instead. Fortunately, it did come in the mail. 

It turned out to be an eventful saturday. Many of my friends went along for casting their votes, and we got to have a nice trip to the city. We tried out new places to eat. They were interesting. My lunch and dinner were both very culturally mixed. 

For lunch we went to HRD Coffee Shop, a small Korean fusion eating place with just enough seats. It doesn't look anything like a coffee shop, but more like an old Korean Chipotle. I ordered this Smothered Burrito with fried oysters inside. My boyfriend ordered Curry rice with chicken katsu. Both dishes have curry in them which is a bit spicy to my liking. The fried oysters inside the burrito gave a very interesting twist. The portion was big enough for me, even enough for 2 people. 

Smothered Burrito

Curry Rice with Chicken Katsu

We then walked around the Union Square and took a break at a small patisserie inside Macy's. 

We just sat down and chatted and went for dinner at Little Henry's, and Italian restaurant with a Chinese cook. My friend oversold the cioppinos, and we ended up with two orders of that for the 5 of us. The food was bland. I don't think I would come back just for the food, but it was a good eating experience regardless. The service was great. The portion was big. We were full although not satisfied. 

Spaghetti Meatballs


Chicken Parmesan 

We ended the night watching RoboCop at my friends' place. I think it was the first time I've ever watched any RoboCop movie, which is bizarre.

Hope you all have a great week!

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  1. the food looks so delicious!

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    Maria from

  2. Great blog:)