Sunday, July 13, 2014

My Most Used Blushes

Blush is one of those product that I can't seem to just simply pick a favorite. When I'm traveling, I bring at least 3 different ones in my makeup bag. Here are my current most "reached" blushes.

It's no secret that I love Milani baked blushes. These two shades are on two different spectrums. One is a bright coral color, the other is a rose gold color. Both are gorgeous. I find the baked blushes are mostly shimmery, but they stay put throughout the day and the pigmentation is just awesome.

This has a very unique formula. It is a cream product, but it has powdery finish on the skin. I have a blog post all about it. I love the color, although the pigmentation is more on the subtle side. The good news is, it's completely buildable.

I've mentioned this over and over again. This is nude shimmery shade that looks perfect for that glowing sun-kissed skin. My holy grail product, for sure.

I gotta be honest, this particular shade is not the easiest blush to swatch. I kept on building it up until it shows bolder color on my skin, but even the blendability is just not as expected. Regardless, the shade is pretty and this is perfect for any type of makeup look I'm going for. I consider this as a neutral blush color because it gives that natural hint of rosy cheeks.  

The lasting power of this cream blush is amazing. I lasts throughout the day. I featured it on my Fresh Spring LOTD, and I think it looks gorgeous. I've been meaning to try different shades, but I keep hearing other shades are not as pigmented. This particular one is the brightest among the bunch, and I absolutely love it. 

Rimmel "Santa Rose" (discontinued)
I just found out this has been discontinued. =(
This shade is particularly gorgeous paired with bronzed/tanned skin. This is a nude shade with pink undertone, so it still gives out that pop of color without looking too pale when I'm going for a nude look.

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  1. I've heard great things about the Tarte blushes, so I think I'm going to have to check them out!

  2. I''d love to give Tarte a try, I always hear good hype about their blushes. Shame there isn't any place I could try them out for myself before purchasing near me. But I also always see the Milani blushes in the drugstore and for some reason, I've yet to pick one up. I need a push or something!

    -briannaly xo.