Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Basic Essential | Old Navy Denim Jackets

Old Navy Denim Trucker Jacket sz S, Zara t-shirt (old)

Speaking of wrong outfit in the wrong day! My place was quite cool during the day, so without checking the weather assumed it was a cooler day outside. It wasn't. California weather keeps changing, and it's still so hot even though it's technically Fall already. The denim jacket was useful for protecting me from the heat of the sun. It was crazy!

I can't wait for Fall, with layers and all. Denim jacket is a very versatile item to have in your wardrobe. It can be worn on top of a maxi dress or just paired with casual outfit like I have on in the picture. I tried on three different denim jackets before finally deciding to keep this. I love the wash. It's a perfect medium wash, which gives a true classic look of denim. 

It also has more fitted build, which makes it more flattering for me. I found another one very similar from Target. The both look almost identical with the exceptions of a few details:

Mossimo has destroyed details on the front and the hem which gives a more 'worn' look to it. I ts shoulders are also more structured. Mossimo has silver button whereas Old Navy has darker buttons, which I personally prefer. Mossimo was more stiff and Old Navy was more comfortable to wear. Old Navy feels softer and higher quality, which at the end was the tie breaker for me. 

Another option from Loft. It has a more loose fit and darker wash. It also has more 'worn' look with the frayed hem, and the torso is shorter which is possibly because I was wearing petite sizing and regular sizing with Mossimo an Old Navy. 

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There was an art & wine festival at park right across my place. We went to check it out, but unfortunately due to the heat, we didn't spend long there. I was smiling in the picture, but really my feet was starting to burn. It was really that bad. I guess I'm very weak in the heat. 

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