Wednesday, September 09, 2015

5 Makeup Product I Enjoy Lately | TooFaced Foundation, Affordable Foundation brush, and more!

Hi everyone! I have tried new makeup this month, and I have videos lined up for you on my channel I have been trying to post new video at least once a week. My schedule is to post every Friday. I truly appreciate if you'd check it out and subscribe =).

Moving on to makeup I enjoy lately. I love TooFaced Born This Way foundation. I have a video coming up this Friday all about it, so stay tuned! I got the shade Light Beige, and it's pretty spot on with my skin tone. It feels and looks natural on the skin, and it holds up pretty well during heat and sweat. The foundation really makes me feel like I was "born this way". I got a medium coverage with only one layer of application. I still need to put on concealer if I want to have a really perfect flawless skin, but I don't usually go for that. 

I also fell in love with Sephora Rouge Infusion lip stain. I have the shade peony. It's a really pretty natural pink color which would look great on any skin tone. I fell in love at first application. It feels buttery and smooth on the lips. It is very opaque, so I don't need to put on a lot of the product on my lips. I am eager to try on more shades. 

Thanks to Emily from Beauty Broadcast, I've found a very affordable foundation brush from Target. It's the complexion brush from the Up&Up brand. It's very soft and dense, but not too dense which makes blending foundation easy. The bristle doesn't shade, and it only costs $6.99! It is comparable to the kabuki brushes from Sigma. 

I'm pretty late in the hype with Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector. I got the shade moonstone, and it's just very unique. It is sooo different than liquid highlighters I got from the drugstore. It stands out and it really makes my face look glowy and dewy. It stays put and it reflects light like nobody's business! I am so in love with this!

I also rediscovered an old favorite. It's Mary-Lou Manizer from theBalm. It's my holy grail of highlighter. It is not subtle, which I really like from a highlighter. I also like subtle highlighters, depending on my mood, but in general I find myself reaching out for this again and again. It's just such a great highlighter, and I think every makeup enthusiast should have one in their collection. 

Thank you guys for reading! I have videos featuring some of these favorites coming up in the next several weeks. So stay tuned!

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