Thursday, October 22, 2015

Beginning of Fall | Chic Casual - BR Sloan-fit Slim Pants

It's one of my favorite time in the year. Top 10 easy. When the leaves are starting to change color, and Fall just looks so pretty. The weather is starting do get cooler and cooler which is very refreshing to get away from the late summer heat. 


I don't normally wear high heels, but this day I thought why not. I feel like there was a phase where I wanted to wear heels because that's what girls my age were doing. I wanted to wear heels because they look cool and sexy. Really. But if I'm being honest to myself, I am never a high-heel girl. I'm just not. But it doesn't mean that I'm gonna stop buying heels ever. Ha! Girls will be girls. 

Loft jacket (extra 40% off!), Banana Republic Pants, Ann Taylor heels (old)

I love the sloan pants from Banana Republic. It really fits well, and it looks great under t-shirt because it has almost seamless waistline, no pocket and hidden zipper so it won't look bulky under t-shirt. It also looks very chic with shirt tucked in. I bought to sizes to try, 4 short and 6 petite. I went with 6 petite, although now it seems that I should've gone with 4 petite. 

The petite length is pretty spot on. It's not too short and falls right below the ankle. It also has zipper detailing on the ankle which is pretty neat and practical. I can easily unzip when I'm putting on the heels so  I have clearer vision from above if that makes sense, and zip it back after I'm done. 

I am enjoying the last night of my break from tax season. It's finally over for the year. My company were generous enough to give us Friday off, and I extended my 3-day weekend to 4-day weekend by taking Monday off because I'm almost maxing out on my PTO. I know, what a nice problem to have, right? =) I haven't had any real vacation for almost 2 years except for the Hawaii trip I had in the beginning of the year. I can't wait for this end of the year when I get to go back to my hometown and visit my family and friends. 

I'm also very eager to share with you the round-up for this year's holiday beauty gifts ideas. I've been consistently monitoring Sephora, Ulta and other beauty/makeup websites and pin the things I think are worth the hype/price. Holiday is such a great time, not only to  get the cute holiday palettes for your loved ones, but also to stock up or try something new since brands come out with their value sets. 

Thank you guys for stopping by! I'll be back with beauty ideas and videos. Don't forget to check out my Youtube channel at I really appreciate it if you subscribe and say hi in the comment. =)

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