Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bite Beauty Best Bite Rewind

Sephora  exclusive Bite Beauty Best Bite Rewind

Bite Beauty has one of the best lip products. The lipsticks are super pigmented and they glide like nothing else. The kit comes with four matte creme lip crayons in a tin with a mirror on it. This is a limited edition, and I expect it to be sold out once the VIB sale kicks in which is usually in the beginning of November. 

Cafe, Torte, Coulis, Aubergine

 I personally think all the colors are pretty wearable. Cafe is a peachy-brown nude shade. It's not too nude, and it's not the kind of shade that will wash out your complexion wearing it. Torte is described as brown-toned rose. I would say it's a natural shade, and slightly deeper than my natural lips shade. Coulis is raspberry red, which is more orange-y, and Aubergine is an eggplant shade, which for me more like a deeper berry.

They are all matte, but they glide on really smoothly. They don't dry my lips at all, which is amazing. You can build up the intensity, although it's practically opaque only with one layer of application.

My mom asked me to buy this book for her. The title is Happiness Is... 500 things to be happy about. It has all these random pictures. I just think they are adorable and so cute yet so true.

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