Thursday, June 30, 2016

Brow Shaper | Sally Hansen Wax Kits

I have relatively thick eyebrows. I used to not care about them as much, but when I got into beauty and makeup, I started to have them done every month or two months when I was lazy. I got into a phase where I just didn't care as much. Then I realized ever since having my brows done at the salon, they actually grow more unruly than they did before. I felt more self conscious, even though I'm pretty sure no one really pays attention. I tried this wax kit at home as a more convenient way to do at home, and I have to say I truly enjoy it. I save money and trip to the salon. I still do plan to get my brows done professionally for special occasion just because I haven't learned how to trim it better yet. I guess one step at a time. You can get the kit at Amazon for less than $5!

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