Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday Roundup | Saint Laurent Bag, Bright Lips

It's #moanday alright. I feel like every Monday, I am super lazy and tired even though I don't typically do anything on Sundays. It's weird. Monday blues are for real. I love this bucket bag from Loft. I've talked about it again and again. One thing that I want to point out is that it doesn't have any zipper, so when I put down my bag, it is very easy for someone to look at the inside and take something. I can be a bit paranoid when I am using this in a public place. Other than that, I love the versatility and convenience of just throwing everything inside and not lose anything.

Rimmel show off lip lacquer 'Apocaliptic' 

Every time I put on a bright colored lipstick, I almost always end up switching it last minute because I feel like my lips are on display. Nevertheless, bright lippies attract me. It's so ironic. I force myself to do it once in a while, not because I feel like I have to, but because I want to. I feel like I need to start doing what I want to do without being so self conscious.

Ah-mazing under eye concealer. I've made a video about it, and I've blogged about it. This is awesome!

This is my very first Saint Laurent purse and I was so excited when I filmed it. You might be able to tell how giddy I was in the video. I will talk more about it in a blog post, soon!

Hands down the best rose gold theme eyeshadow palette from Lorac. It has all the colors I need and the pigmentation is great. Lorac is known for the Lorac Pro palette, and I feel that this palette should get the same amount of love and attention as well.

Physicians Formula Happy booster powder

Don't you just love when you hit pan? I have so much makeup in my collection, it's ridiculous. It's very rare that I get to hit pan because I just have so much, and I rotate what I use. Nevertheless, lately I tried to stick with some of the same products just so I can earn the satisfaction of hitting pan. I'm such a dork like that.

Sunday nights for me are usually pretty low key. It's cooking, movies, dinner, resting. I also like to try on face masks and other skin care items that I have. Sunday is the perfect time for me to do so because there is no way I care to do that on weekdays. I feel like on weekdays I want to get things done faster so I can be in bed faster. This comes from a value set from Sephora that I got during holiday time last year. It's a great way to try new products without committing to full size.

I also made some purchases of pre-loved purses. I'm fascinated by luxury handbags lately, and it feels like I have a bug, a handbag bug. I have to restrain myself from buying every single thing that caught my eye, but I'll share more with you in video or blog post.

Ocep and I attended an engaged couple seminar on the weekend. The seminar started on Friday night and ended on Saturday afternoon. It's amazing how much I learned about him during the course of a day than I did in a week! The seminar mostly talked about understanding my own personality and my partner's. It also talked about how marriage relationship in Christ. Let me know if you want me to share more about this. I can't believe the d-day is only 5 months left!

Thank you for reading/watching! Let me know what you like to see next!

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