Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Casual Chic in San Francisco

I love wearing casual and comfortable outfits on the weekends( don't we all? ;) ). Pairing a simple tee and jeans is always my go-to when I don't know what to wear. Denim jacket has been my staple piece lately. It just goes with everything! It goes well paired with dresses as well as with simple ensemble like this.  

I used to think denim on denim was a tad too much, ehm, denim. It is so '90s, yet I adore the look of it. It just instantly creates an outfit. I added some of my favorite pins on the jacket to make it my own. 

Pairing tee and jeans could sometimes look way too casual or sloppy. I am all for casual look, but when I go out and about, especially on the weekend, I try a little bit harder just to make it look more chic. A simple "tuck and roll" is always my go-to. Tuck a little bit of my top on my jeans, and roll up a little bit of my jeans. This always works in making the look more effortlessly put together. I realize how oxymoron it sounds, but it's true!

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