Saturday, September 08, 2012

Go Shopping with Me ♥ Forever 21-Be chic, not cheap!

Fashion is not supposed to be expensive. Although, I have to say that sometimes you do get what you pay for. But what is the limit? How do you justify $3000 for a single Celine bag? 
I've been eyeing the bag for quite some time now, but I don't think I will nor I can get it anytime soon. So, I enjoy shopping at the one and only Forever 21. I don't know how they do it, but their stuff is just as fashionable without hurting your wallet. It is amazing. People say that because they're affordable, don't expect too much of the quality.
I beg to differ. I have Forever 21 items for years, and only one, one breaks. I shop there a lot, and I can say in confidence you can and should expect good quality. 
As long as you handle with care, they do last.
 But then again, doesn't every single thing need to be handled with care?

Faux Leather Jacket - $24.80
Asymmetrical Magenta Skirt - $9.99

I didn't get the magenta skirt because my boyfriend said that it was too sight-shocking. Haha. I love the color, though. But instead, I got this chiffon peach skirt. I've been looking for A-line chiffon skirt for a long time, and I'm glad I find an inexpensive one from Forever 21. It fits perfectly and the length falls just right before my knee. 

This outfit was supposedly for #FNO - Fashion's Night Out on September 6, but I ended up staying in because I was too tired on that day. It's basically a once-a-year event where stores all over the world celebrate fashion by opening late and having parties out of it. Maybe next year =/

The blue shirt and the pleated chiffon skirt were under $20 altogether. Can you believe it? They were on sale. The blue shirt has peekaboo detail on the back which takes a simple shirt a notch. 

 I've never had Forever21 shoes before except for a gladiator sanda which is pretty comfortable. I've never bought their heels, though. I just feel I need to spend extra when it comes to heels because I won't sacrifice comfort for beauty for this one. I just can't stand wearing shoes only when I will sit down most of the time. I want to buy shoes I can walk around in. 
I tried Forever 21 heels yesterday, and they were surprisingly comfy. They were a bit heavy, which is good because it means they're sturdy. 

I love this lace boots. It's edgy and so not what I wear typically, but that's why I love them. They are comfortable to walk in too, surprisingly. But then again, I only walked in it at the store for several seconds, who knows what'll happen after several hours. It's perfect if you want to dress up a simple outfit and gives it a little kick (get it? lol).
All heels are around $22 - $35.

Love, lovee this headband. It might be too Blair-Waldorf-y for some of you, but I just love how great the quality is, and they stitch each of the bead so they won't fall apart easily. 

What statement piece did you get at Forever 21?

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