Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Go Shopping with Me ♥

I was reading InStyle the other day, and my eyes were instantly caught with this colorblock satchel. This bag reminds me a lot of Celine Trapeze handbag. I wanted the bag so bad, but the price is just cra-zeh! So when I saw this, I instantly marked it and planned to buy it online at later. 

When I went to their site, The Limited was having a sale, Buy 1 20% off, Buy 2 30% off Buy 3 or more 50% off. The original price of the bag was $79.90. It was still pretty steep for me, so accountant that I am, I started do a little math and found the lowest price possible for me is to buy 3 items instead of just 1. The yay was it can be any item you want. I picked up knee-length socks which was originally only $9.90 and a $14.90 bangle. Everything was 50% off because I bought 3 items. The best part is when I found another coupon code online for $15 off. Score! 

Colorblock Satchel for $79.90 $28.50

The bag is such a great quality. It''s made of a soft faux leather. The lining is great and thick, not the kind of fabric you will find from a cheaper bag, say from Forever 21. Don't get me wrong, I love Forever 21 bags, but this is just really a steal for me considering the discounted price.

Bangle - Cobalt for $14.90 $5.31
They have it in 3 different colors - cobalt, acid yellow and pink. I picked out the cobalt one because I think it's more versatile.  

Flourish Trouser Socks for  $9.90 $3.54

Apart from the good pricing and all, I was disappointed for the length of time for my order to be processed and actually gone through. I ordered on Sept 2 and I didn't get any shipping confirmation until last night, Sept 11. I emailed the customer service regarding the tracking number and my intention to cancel the order and to get them at the store instead. Suddenly, I got a reply that my order was on the way. I checked the tracking number and it seems that they rushed my order. They just shipped in last night, and I got it this morning. I guess it makes up for the long processing time. 

My conclusion - I love the bag! °\(^▿^)/


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