Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nail Polish Favorites

I wan't big on nail polish because I used to be a nail-biter, so I never put anything on my nails. I tried to quit, but when it came to exam season I just couldn't help it. It was my way of releasing stress. But not anymore. Who knew the way for me to stop biting my nails was actually to put pretty colors on them? 

So here are some of my favorite shades.

OPI is by far the best nail polish I have ever used. Its consistency is just perfect. The application is smooth and easy. 
Love this color so much. It's a rosy nude color, which is perfect for Fall. 
1. OPI - Dulce de Leche

Essie comes second on my favorite list. The consistency is slightly thinner than OPI, but you can easily build it up according to your liking. The color selection is huge, and they are adorable!
2. essie - bikini so teeny
Love this color. It's a perfect sky baby blue for me. Look my cloudsky nails here

3. essie - imported bubbly

4. essie - muchi, muchi

This particular line from Revlon, Colorstay mimics OPI's consistency. I love how glossy the finish is. I also like the wider brush applicator which makes it easier to cover all you nails on a single coating.  
5. Revlon colorstay - Bare Bones
I had many compliments when I posted this shade on my toes a while a go (see it here). I like how the brush is so wide, even wider than the Revlon Colorstay, to make the application so much easier and faster. 
6. Wet n Wild - I need a refresh-mint

If you like chunky sparkly gliiter, than this Sally Hansen Gem Crush is perfect for you. 
(Look what I did using this glitter here)

7. Sally Hansen Gem Crush - Big Money

I wouldn't recommend to apply this alone on your nails unless you like the sheer glitter effect. The consistency is rather thin, but the color is just so pretty as a top coat just like I did with my nails of the day: sparkly sky blue.
8. Hello Kitty - Gold Sparkle

swatches in the same order

left: Love&Beauty from Forever 21
right: Maybelline Color Show -

These two particular products just do not make the cut to be my favorites. They're pretty bad. The Love & Beauty nail polish which you can get from Forever 21 is pretty inexpensive for $2.80, but for the same price I expect it to be a better quality. The finish is just dry. The nail polish is just drying your nails. 
As for the Maybelline Color Show, I love this metallic blue shade. It looks gorgeous and such a head turner. But it chips within only one day! I didn't bother to try on another shade. Plus, this particular shade is all messy when you try to take it off from your nails. 

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