Monday, September 17, 2012

Hello Kitty Palettes

Hi everyone! 
I was busy enjoying my birthday weekend.
 My friends threw me a surprise dinner and we also played tennis. On wii. (Hey, it counts!) 
It was really fun, and I'm really grateful to have them by my side on my special day. 

I don't typically justify my shopping by cuteness, but these two Hello Kitty Palette are exceptions. I swatched some of the shadows at the Sephora store, and they were pretty pigmented. So when I saw these on sale online, I decided to buy them. Plus, I had a gift card, a present for my graduation, so it was a no brainer. 
These two were limited edition, so you might have to act fast if you want them. 

$42.00 $13.00

I love the pastel colors and how pigmented they are. The shadows and blush have matte/satin finish which is good for a day-to-day wear.

Hello Kitty Shimmering Powder and Eyeshadow Palette
$36.00 $11.00
Pretty uncreative name if you ask me, but that's what's written on the site. I really love the highlighter. It has a gold undertone, but it's not glittery which is perfect for me since I don't like glittery makeup. As for the shadows, the black one could be a little darker, but overall they are pretty good. I tried them out, and I liked it. 

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