Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Anybody up late last night watching the blood moon? I was!
 I don't really know the in-depth explanation, but apparently, last night, the earth was positioned right between the moon and the sun which resulted in the earth shadow reflected on the moon. The moon was slowly turning red and was in its peak around 12.45 AM PST on Tuesday, April 15. The reddish color of the moon causes the rare phenomenon to be called the "Blood Moon".

My friend in Jakarta texted me to send her pictures of the blood moon. I was ready to go to bed, and I don't normally follow this kind of stuff. I thought it was just another media hype like meteor showers that rarely happen to be true. I thought something was gonna happen, and the blood moon would be delayed or something like that. When I was looking out my door and saw the moon, I could actually see the moon was turning darker. I was excited! It was my very first time ever to see an eclipse - of any sort! I might sound overly enthusiastic, but I am really grateful and happy to be able to witness this rare occasion with my own eyes.  

I didn't have any camera on hand, and I for sure couldn't use my phone to capture the beauty of the blood moon. Fortunate, my friends got quite good shots from last night, especially this one with 
ET on it! ;P

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