Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Clinique Pop Cheek

Cheers for the end of tax season! Yay! I'm finally free. My schedule can now go back to normal. I'm so relieved. I did a bit of online shopping, taking advantage of the Sephora VIB sale that was happening last week. The sale was 15% off, which was a pretty good deal considering makeup doesn't really go on sale like, ever!

I only got two things that I am really excited about. One of them is this Clinique Cheek Pop. The packaging is just really pretty and attractive. The product itself is embossed in a daisy-like pattern. I got the peach pop, which I think is perfect for the bright and sunny spring time. I am so excited for Spring, if you can't tell already. Spring is just  a really gorgeous season for me. The flowers are blooming and colors are just everywhere.

 Anyway, back to the Cheek Pop. I really can't explain the consistency. It's like powder turned cream product. When I swatch it, I was so surprised of how smooth it was. I doesn't feel powdery at all, but it also doesn't feel creamy like a cream blush. It's just a really unique product.
The peach pop is a really pretty shade. I like peachy color for blushes. It looks fresh and natural, which is my signature look, really. After trying this one, I'm so excited to try more shades.

Have you tried the Cheek Pop yet? What do you think?


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