Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Recent Discovery #1

 I'm back from my trip, and it feels good to be home. Although I'm kinda sad that vacation is over, some new beauty purchase sure cheers me up. I buy stuff here and there, and I thought instead of posting one collective haul that makes a very long post, I might as well update you on my findings/purchases as I go. Most of the items I'm sharing here really helped me on my trip, which I'll explain why.

Although I'm not a fan in the formula (I even promised myself I'd never buy essie nail polish ever again!) , I must admit the color selection that changes every season really sucks me in. I'm a sucker for bright and fresh colors, and this one here just makes my day everytime I look at it. Not to brag about my toes, but look at the color! It screams spring/summer, and I'm just so happy looking at them!

This sample size came with my Lorac pro palette. I've been putting it aside because I wanted to use up my TooFaced shadow insurance, which I have been using for the last 2 years! It's crazy how some products just seem to last forever. I really like how Lorac Behind the Scenes neutralizes my eyelid color, prep it as a canvas for the eyeshadows, and most importantly it makes my shadows and eyeliner last longer. I must say it does such a great job in keeping the colors intact, especially considering I was pretty much outdoors with various climate the whole week.

I just got this brush two days ago. I'd been holding it in from buying because my Real Techniques buffing brush works really well with mineral/powder foundation, but obviously I caved and bought one. Boy, I don't regret my decision. The minute I used it with my bare minerals powder foundation, I was already a convert. This brush was made for a purpose, and it is for powder foundation, hence the name. The bristles are ridiculously dense it blends beautifully. I hadn't tried this when I posted my essential brushes for travel, but I will bring this brush wherever I go, for sure!

I mistakenly picked this up thinking it was a mini size for Vaseline petroleum jelly. I needed it to help ease my blisters from breaking in new shoes (Note to self: remember to allow more days to break in new shoes before traveling). I think it still works the same, but because it's a lip balm, it is a bit more sticky then the regular petroleum jelly. It works amazingly, I tell you. I softens my chapped lips instantly and it's a very good bargain, too. 

Hope everyone have a great day!

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