Thursday, May 08, 2014


Finally, I've accumulated enough empties to write a blog post about. Some of them have been sitting in my empties basket -yes, I have a basket dedicated for empties! - for weeks. 
If you're unfamiliar with the term 'empties', it's basically a collective of products that have been used up, thus the empty packagings. 
Let's dig in!

Batiste dry shampoo - cool & crisp Fresh
If you've read my Battle of Dry Shampoo post, you know how I feel about Batiste. They work so well with my hair, and I adore it! I do still like to branch out and try different brands, but so far I still like Batiste the best.

The Body Shop boddy butter - moringa
I love Body Shop body butter. It hydrates, and it locks in moisture to the skin. This particular one has a floral scent which I personally really like, but I still like honey mania better. It's my obsession of all things honey. 

MAC Brush cleanser
Despite its name, I don't use this for deep cleaning. I use it for spot cleaning every time I use my brushes. I feel like it works very well in getting rid of products from my brushes. Although it's sold as a cleanser, I don't see the product to be soapy by any means. I tried once using water to wash my brushes, but it doesn't really lather like typical brush cleansers do.
It also disinfects, which is always what you want in a brush cleanser. I remove the product to a spray bottle, so it's easier to use and it doesn't take as much.

Skinfood Royal Honey Eye Cream
You can read my review here. I think it's almost impossible to review an eye cream except for how it feels and appears on the skin. I can't really tell that much different of how an eye cream works, but I know I'd be able to tell a difference if I hadn't used any.

Rimmel Fix & Perfect pro primer - 002
This is one of the few make up products I started with. I bought this based on the recommendation of Emily from Beauty Broadcast. This primer is a white liquid which turned clear once blended. The 001 has tint to it, which I personally don't prefer. This one is great for a drugstore alternative.

Skin Food Avocado lip balm
My mom was the one who introduced me to this lip balm. She said she'd tried everything, and this was the only one that worked for her. I'd continued using it on and off. It is very creamy. It doesn't smell or taste like avocado. All and all, it is a good lip balm to have. It now has a new packaging in green.

Urban Decay Primer Potion eye primer
This tiny guy came with my Naked palette. I used it on and off, but I don't know whether because it was old or what, it's all lumpy and gooey, and I didn't really enjoy scooping the product from the tube. I know Urban Decay has since then changed the packaging to a squeeze tube which is much better in my opinion. I know many rave about this, but I am indifferent about this. I think I need to give it another shot to form an opinion.

Thanks for reading!

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