Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"One Body" Camping Trip

 Last weekend, I went on a short camping trip with 15 other people. The camping itself was not designed for fun only, but it was a trip with a purpose. We wanted to share with some of these college students about servanthood and discipleship, and how those apply in our everyday life as Christians. I took part in preparing the game with two other friends. The preparation of the trip itself was short a and rushing. Everything was kinda last minute, but thank God we managed to get the best out of it. The recurring theme was "One Body" as in "One body in Christ" because we played this game called Pen Gurita aka Octopus Pen where we had to write together, all sixteen of us, using one pen and 16 strings to navigate the writing.

  I just feel so blessed that I got to come. I was hesitant at first because I thought this is so under-prepared with many were not even final the week of the trip. I was wrong. God's love was totally with use throughout the trip. We took off at 6 am on Saturday and drove for about 4-5 hours. Those hours have taken into consideration that we needed to pick up people and made a breakfast stop at McDonald's.

We arrived at around 11 at the Fallen Leaf Campground, South Lake Tahoe, CA. The campsite was especially beautiful with pine cones spread out all over the ground. All day Saturday was packed with activities, from building up the tents together to preparing meals - thanks to our chef who had prepped everything beforehand - to sessions, sharing and playing at the beach. 

It was Lake Tahoe, so the beach wasn't as windy. The water was exceptionally gorgeous. I just couldn't stop looking at the wonder that God has created for us. 
Sand Harbor, NV

I am so thankful that even with no sleeping for almost 24 hours, everybody seemed to be excited and still energized to just be present in all the activities. Glory to God!

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