Monday, December 03, 2012

Blogmas 2, 2012 ❄ I Love Wii U + Games Rave - Nintendoland and Super Mario Bros

Two of my friends just moved in to a condo, and I have been spending a lot of  time. The place becomes our own cozy little nest every weekend. A friend lent her wii console to put into the place so we could all play it together. The only game we played for a while was Wii Tennis. We became addicted for quite some time, and it became a little competition between us. 
I even accidentally got hit by the wii remote because a friend forgot to tighten the strap on her wrist. So when she was spiritedly stroke a backhand, the remote freely flew over the air and landed just right on my forehead. Thankfully I got no bump. She felt so guilty afterwards, though. 

About a month ago, my friend bought the new Wii U Deluxe edition, and we all had been addicted playing the Nintendoland, a game that came with the console. We love playing the hide-and-seek/catch-me-if-you-can type of game. There are Animal Crossing: Sweet Day, Luigi's Ghost Mansion and Mario Chase. Among the three, we play Sweet Day the most. The game basically consists of the animals and gate keepers. Animals have a mission to collect certain amount of candies and gate keepers have to catch the animals three times before they collect enough candies to win. The more candies an animal collect, the slower the animal run. So it is really funny seeing an animal who is being chased keep throwing out all of its candies so it can walk faster. 

The other game that we just got was in my wish list, Super Mario Bros. U. I played it last night, and it was fun. If you played nintendo when you were a child of if you are old enough have nintendo in your childhood, you should remember Super Mario Bros game, the one with all the coins, mushrooms, flowers, etc. The new game of course comes in more features and different variations of stages, but it is still pretty awesome. The original retail price for a Wii U game is $59.99. It is very expensive for a game, but we got it for half off using Groupon and some tricks that I don't really recommend using. 

Anyway, have an awesome week guys! 

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