Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Blogmas 9, 2012 ❄ Quick Update

Hi everyone. I haven't fulfilled my goal to blog every single day. Sorry for that. I'm running busy today.  It was my last day volunteering. I've been volunteering for SHFB's finance department for more than 2 months now. Time really flies, doesn't it? Then I went to the mall looking for a gift for my boyfriend but didn't get anything. Instead, I got myself a printed cardigan from LOFT which I believe you will soon see on Instagram. =P

I went to Costco for grocery shopping for this Friday's Christmas celebration at my youth fellowship. I'm going to cook spaghetti meatball for 65 people! It was supposed to be my friend's job, but I don't know why I ended up offering to cook the sauce.

Veronica also messaged me today asking if I want to shop online on because they are having really great sale and discount. Free shipping is eligible only for $125 purchase or more. So she was willingly gather friend so we all could get the free shipping since popular items at stores are always out of stock. It was really crazy how a 60-dollar-blouse can only be $18. How I'm thankful for holiday sale!

Sorry for the short update. I'm running late for dinner at St. John Burge tonight. Write you tomorrow!

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