Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Blogmas 3, 2012 ❄ My Little MAC Collection

I am quite new to the whole MAC-a-rama. I've heard about MAC for a long time, but I'd always had this perception that MAC cosmetics are expensive and rough on skin. I guess it partly because many professional makeup artists use MAC and also my sister told me that MAC could break out my skin.

Nevertheless, I bought my very first MAC product, Purring Tendertone, around March 2012. It is a lip balm with SPF 12 which sometimes acts as a gloss too because its shiny finish. It does work wonders on chapped lips. 

My second product I bought was based on Macbarbie07 aka Bethany Mota's recommendation which is MAC Mineralize Charged Water. It is a "skin hydrating mist" that you can also use to set your makeup. I like how MAC design is not commonly found on other brands. The pump bottle is different and looks more sophisticated than other traditional pump bottles. The mist smells refreshing, but unfortunately I don't know if it really does set my makeup.

Love the bullet-like design =)

In August, I bought MAC lipstick after watching so many swatches on youtube. It is safe to say that I am being extra careful in selecting MAC products I bought, and I don't know why. Maybe because I feel MAC is such a splurge for me even though the pricing is in fact lower than many of other makeup brands. After I watched Pixi2woo aka Tanya Burr's Top Ten MAC lipsticks, I finally bought Jubilee. I don't regret buying the lipstick because it doesn't feather on the lips and it has moistures which is always a plus on a lip product. 

Say hello to Mr. Tiger!
Next ones I bought are the eye products, which I am most excited about. The eyeshadows are pretty expensive, and I prefer to wait until I have at least four colors that I really like before I purchase. I finally did and named the quad "Miss Kristani's Smokey Brown Eyes". The quad doesn't come in engraving at all, but MAC does ask what you want to name it when you buy online. In the quad I have Arena, Twinks, Embark and Satin Taupe which is the most popular among the four. I bought two of the colors after I watched Pixiwoo's Brown Smokey Makeup for Asian or Hooded Eyes.  Pixiwoo sisters are by far the best makeup artists I have watched in terms of makeup techniques and variations. You should check out their channel. I must admit I don't really like all the shadows. I don't like Embark because the color just doesn't transfer well enough and I don't like Twinks because it turns out that I have a really similar color. I also bought paint pot in Quite Natural which I find really creamy and nice pigmentation.

I personalized my own MAC by putting cute pictures on the palette.
The clear cover really sophisticates the whole design. 

My latest purchase is very popular among MAC users. It is the Mineralize Skin Finish Natural. My shade is medium plus. I have heard many people rave about this product especially MakeupbyTiffanyD. I went to MAC asking for one of the ladies in the store to help find my shade. The girl looked at me and instantly told me that my shade is medium plus. While she was searching for my sample shade, there was a woman asking to pay her purchase, the the girl asked me if it was alright to help the woman first and of course I said yes. She then returned to me with my shade and opened the product and started buffing the powder on my cheek. While doing that, she kept chatting with her friends beside her who was restocking products in the drawers. It was like I was just a model and she was the makeup artist. I did not like that. She told me that it has satin finish that gives skin healthy glow. I don't buy it, but I bought it anyway. Lol. 

There's my little MAC collection. So tell me, what MAC products do you love?


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