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Blogmas 5, 2012 ❄ My Favorite Stores to Shop

Holiday is the hardest time of the year for me to avoid shopping. The jolly mood, all the Christmas hype, and crazy markdowns around me really succeed in attracting me to at least window shop. Regardless, I find myself a new-found self-control by revealing my checking account. Lol. Anyway, here are some of my favorite places to shop.

Surprise, Surprise. Yes, I love Target. Who doesn't? I can ge everything from chips to shoes, from blanket to Wii u! Target has just the most amazing range of stuff, and they manage to have the store designed  neatly and enjoyable for customers to walk in. Target is by far my most favorite place to shop. If you never check out the clothes section, you should. Target really has amazing finds, and the best thing about it is they are on sale every couple of months. I got my favorite skirt and jacket for less than $15 after 70% off. I heart Target. Also, if you bring your own bag for your purchase, you get a 5c discount for each bag. Way to promote go green!
Forever21, Loft, Loft, Target

What can I say? Forever 21 still and alway gets me. I do however prefer to shop online rather than at the store because I find Forever21 doesn't have good item arrangement. Things just scatter around randomly instead of being arranged neatly and properly. It is just hard to find colors or sizes for a single clothing item. It's just crazy. The other thing that really bugs me is that the rack is always awfully full and packed making it hard for me to browse around the clothes and take the ones I like. Regardless, I still like Forever21 for its fashion sense and low price. 

This is my new-found favorite store thanks to Veronica. She is petite and tells me that it is hard to find clothes (and shoes for that matter) that fit. She's been kinda obsessed with  Wendy's Lookbook and ExtraPetite because both bloggers have similar body type with her. Extra Petite especially gives insights for petite fashion and petite-friendly stores. LOFT is one of them. I find myself shopping in petite section, and it fits me slightly better than the regular size. Wow. I guess my body type is somewhere in between, but I like fitness a little bit more when it comes to tailored outfits like LOFT offers. LOFT is also one of many stores that always have items for sale.  The sale is always around  an additional 40% off for its already reduced item, and occasionally 40-50% for its full-priced. I have never buy full-priced item from the store. The key is to be patient and willing to go from store to store to find your size.

Rose Gold Bracelet from BaubleBar
I was a little bit obsessed with jewelry a couple of years back, and I was really thrilled when I find this website. BaubleBar offers wide range of jewelry design from classic to customized. Another great thing about it is its free shipping. Yay! You also get point for every dollar you spend that can be used for discount toward your next purchase. I have made four purchases from the website, and I like them all. 

Ulta vs. Sephora
I've known about Sephora just a little bit longer than I have about Ulta. Both provide me with the same level of excitement when I walk in to the stores, but Sephora does give a little more edge in my shopping experience. I always bump into at least 2 or 3 people with their heavy makeup who offer to help me with anything while at Ulta, the people will occasionally ask how I'm doing when they walk right pass me.  Sephora offers a wider range of high-end brand while Ulta provides BOGO 50% regularly for drugstore items. I like it because it can be my one stop shop for high-end as well as drugstore beauty stuff. The other thing that I like most about Ulta is its reward program that offers certain dollar value discount after you reach certain point. It really wins me over Sephora who only offers deluxe samples of beauty items that often times seem useless and unattractive to me. All in all, I like both stores because they complement each other. Sephora has my favorite high-end brands like Laura Mercier, Makeup Forever that Ulta doesn't, but Ulta has drugstore makeup which is really convenient. 

I'll let you know when I discover another favorite. Until then, thank you for reading!

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