Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Blogmas 8, 2012 ❄ My Story: How I Got Into Makeup

I have always been interested in makeup for as long as I remember. When I was about 11, my mom got me in a beauty workshop with Belia, an Indonesian youth makeup brand. I don't know whether the brand still exists or not, but it was the first time I learned how to apply makeup properly. A couple of years later, there's another beauty workshop held by Etude, a Korean beauty brand at the mall near my house. My sister and I participated in the workshop. I learned about applying foundation, powder, eyeliner, etc. I remember it was the first time I used a pencil eyeliner on my waterline and I could see a significant difference on my overall look. It made my small eyes look more defined and somewhat bigger. I tried it the next day to school and one of my friends came up to me and asked, "What happened to your eyes?" I never again wore eyeliner. At that time, I thought makeup was only for parties and other formal events. I also thought, as taught at the workshops, applying makeup consisted on fixed number of steps.

I also remember thinking I could never apply eyeshadows because it was just too hard making it even and pretty and all. A little over a year ago, I was hooked watching Blair Fowler or Juicystar07 on youtube along with her sister, Elle Fowler of AllThatGlitters21. I discovered them through my marketing professor who introduced the concept of 'haul' to me. I started watching their Forever21 hauls, makeup hauls and makeup tutorial. I really believed they were the only ones on youtube doing this kind of stuff if not the best. I then came across Bethany Mota or Macbarbie07 whom I thought was just copying Juicystar07 because of the name and the video style. I was really naive back then. I didn't watch youtube often. A lot has changed since then.

These two products was the first makeup products I purchased on my own. I bought the mascara because Bethany said that she loved it, and I bought the elf beauty clutch because I thought it was such a good deal for only $10. Little did I know that both products just didn't work for me.

Blair's video was the first ever makeup tutorial I have ever tried.
"Strolling by the Seaside"

And here's the result

It doesn't look good, I know.
It was the first time ever I apply eyeshadow on my lids on my own! I have come a long way since.

I then discovered Beauty Broadcast, a beauty channel and blog by Emily Eddington or emilynoel83. She really changed my life forever. I might sound a little bit exaggerating, but she really did. I literally spent hours watching her makeup tutorials back to back and learned how to apply my makeup, especially eyeshadows. I learned how to do smokey eyes from her. I bought things she said she loved and I loved them and still do! I find Emily is really passionate about what she does on BeautyBroadcast. Her reviews on products she's tried are really thorough and right to the point. She will say what products she loves or hates and why unlike many other beauty gurus who just say they love something without giving more details. Emily comes across really sincere and dear to my heart, and I thank you for all of her hard work making great videos for her subscribers.

After that, I just continue learning from my youtube experience. Here's a list of my favorite beauty gurus on youtube:

MakeupByTiffanyD by Tiffany
Pixiwoo by Samantha and Nicola Chapman
Pixi2woo by Tanya Burr
MissGlamorazzi by Ingrid

I don't use makeup to hide my imperfection nor do I think makeup should be used for it. I found makeup was a new hobby and now I am passionate about all things beauty, and I would love to share this passion with people just like those beauty gurus do. I am learning as I'm watching the beauty videos. I have friends come up to me and ask me makeup related questions. I first felt a little embarrassed knowing people I know actually read my blog, but then when I know I get to help them and answer their questions, I feel really glad and not at all embarrassed. I wish I can share my knowledge and passion with more people.
So thank you for reading. Write you on the next blogmas! =)


  1. I'll have to try some of the make up videos - need something new! Perhaps we could follow each other?

    XO Lulu

  2. Thank you for reading. Sure, you'd learn a lot from the beauty gurus =)

  3. Hi, I just happened to be blog surfing and stumbled across your blog and this post of yours. It's nice of you to share your favorite youtube gurus. So I just wanted to share one of my favorite youtube guru in case you haven't stumbled upon her yet - she's Jenn (look up "frmheadtotoe" on youtube). I think she has more of an eye-shape similar to yours, so perhaps you can benefit and be inspired from what she has to offer. :)