Friday, December 20, 2013

Blogmas 19 & 20, 2013 ❄ Boden Honeycomb Sweater + Fly Home

It's finally the day. I'm leaving for Jakarta, Indonesia tonight. I've skipped a day in blogmas, I hope that's okay considering nothing exciting happens to tell other than my early Christmas/anniversary present had arrived!


It's not something too exciting, but it is for me. It is a sweater from For those who don't know about Boden, it's a British clothing retailer known for their casual basics and patterns. I first knew about Boden from the catalog sent to my place. I still don't know how they can reach me at my address while I'd never even heard about them before. It's kinda scary to think about how personal information travels out of your control. 

Instead of pointing fingers, I gave them a chance instead. *Confession of a shopaholic* I'd been wanting a honeycomb-patter sweater for a while, and I found one on Boden website. It's no like any other honeycomb sweater I've seen. The pattern is unique and seems like one of a kind. Sweater might not be a favorite choice of clothing in tropical country like Indonesia, but it is very crucial for almost half of the year in the US on colder months. All I want to buy during winter is sweaters and all things cozy and thick that can keep me warm. 

Let us take a moment here to appreciate how cozy, cute, warm the word honeycomb here let alone the pattern on the sweater. I've been obsessed with all thing honey lately, starting from the Body Shop Honey Mania body butter (smells so good). 

The material is 100% cotton. It feels warm but not too thick nor heavy. The build is fitted on the sleeves and a little looser on the body. I think I'm gonna wear it tonight. I have this tradition to wear "I ❤ Mom" t-shirt everytime I go back home. I'll change before she'll see me. I'm excited and not all at the same time, I don't know why. It's just been a while.

I'm thinking to vlog my trip home, but I'm not sure I can commit to that. I don't think my family and friends can get used to the idea of me talking to the camera with them around. We'll see. 

Thanks for reading. Get back to you real soon!


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