Monday, December 09, 2013

Blogmas 9,2013 ❄ If I Had to Live With Only One...

Hi everyone! I tried out new look today with purple eyeshadows and didn't like it. Then I thought if I had to live with only look, I really could. So I came up with this beauty tag which should be fun and might require hard decisions to answer. Let's begin!

Hourglass mineral veil. This is an easy decision for me. I'm not too fussy about primer. This is a really smooth primer, has SPF 15, and works great.

This is the hardest decision ever for me. It's so hard to choose since I have come across quite a few amazing foundations. If I really had to choose one, I'd go with Marc Jacobs super genius gel foundation. It has coverage, glowy finish, great lasting power. It's just a great foundation. Check out my review here.

My skin is more on the dryer side of the spectrum, so I don't really use powder a lot. I do get a bit oily during warmer months on my forehead, and I find Rimmel Stay Matte powder does a really good job in keeping the oil away.

I really enjoy using my Chanel creme bronzer, but sometimes it's just a bit much, so if I had to live with only one bronzer, for practicality and easement purposes, I'd go with a good ol' TooFaced Chocolate soleil. You just can't go really wrong with a matte bronzer.

This is easy for me. It's the only blush I've been wearing lately, Tarte amazonian clay blush in buff. Somehow I find myself reach out to this blush the most. The shade just really suits different skin tones, and it stays put. It also acts as a highlighter too because it does contain shimmer in it.


I'd go with my Hourglass Ambient lighting palette (no longer available, but sold individually here). Okay, I guess I cheat since it's a 3 product in one. But I do really like it. Check out my post all about it here.

It is almost impossible for me to live with only one single eyeshadow shade. I need at least two shades to make my eye makeup work, one for lid color and one for crease color. I do have an ultimate favorite shade, which is the eyelid-marked shade on the Wet 'N Wild "Walking on Eggshells" trio. I don't know if it's sold individually, but it's really the base of almost all my eye makeup looks.

Lately, I've been loving smudgy liner using a brown pencil liner from NYX and smudge itu with an angled brush and powder eyeshadow to set it. But if I had to choose one, I'd go with classic black eyeliner in pen form for its versatality. It mimics the result of liquid eyeliner but easier to work with, plus it's not as wet. The best one I've tried so far is Tattoo liner by Kat Von D in trooper. You can see my review here.

My most priority in finding a perfect mascara is to find one that's smudge-proof. I've come across a really great one that's thickening and doesn't weigh down my lashes, but when it smudges it's just a deal breaker. Mally volumizing mascara hits all the right target for me. It's volumizing, thickening and it's smudge-proof. It's not a wet mascara, which is great for wimpy lashes that tend to face downward like mine.

This.Is.Hard. I really have no idea which one to choose. Lip product is something that I always change up. First, I have quite a lot of them and I need to rotate using them. Second, lip color is a statement piece for me, it pulls your look together.  If I had to pick one, I'd choose Maybelline baby lips in cherry me because it suits pretty much anything. It's not too bright, not too pale.

Makeup brush
If I had to live with one makeup brush, it would be an eyebrush, and it would be Sigma E25. Although I feel really deeply for my other brushes, I feel that you can't really replicate the work of an eye brush, at least for me. What special about this brush is that it's a fluffy brush which is great for blending, but it is also tapered which is also great for shadow application. It works well with cream eyeshadow,too! A good dupe for this is from Coastal Scent, Pro blending fluff brush.

Consider yourself tagged!
Let me know in the comment if you do this tag on your video, blog, or anything.
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Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoy! =D



  1. I absolutely love the wet n wild Walking on Eggshells. I use it on days I don't want to think about a whole new look or what to put on.

    Jenna ♥ ♥
    Northern Beauty 85